Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Musing

The juxtaposition of peace in the midst of pain,
Of comfort in sorrow,
Of hope when surrounded by despair,
Of love when buffeted by hate.

Where do such contradictions come from?
How do we know that the world is broken?
How do we know that normal is not normal?
That the ideal has not been realized?

In a place where animals feed lies the Bread of Life.
Into a world of darkness comes the Light of Life.
Into a humanity that celebrates deceit enters the Truth.
Into a world in which money means everything comes One to whom money means nothing.

He was wrapped in cloths and laid in a feeding trough.
Later He was wrapped in cloths and laid in a tomb.
Three days later He left the cloths in the tomb.
Now the question is: Will we be wrapped in His righteousness?

The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ either means nothing or it means everything. God gives enough light so that those who seek Him find Him, and enough darkness so that those who do not seek Him will not find Him.

If we will humble ourselves and eat from a feeding trough we will have the feast of the ages; if we insist on eating in palaces we will starve and die. The true Christmas message must be a powerful thing for the devil to work so hard to obscure it.

Jesus Christ either means nothing or He means everything.