Monday, September 28, 2015

Wissotzky Tea and a Mug

If you’re the one who gave me a box of Wissotzky Tea – Thank You! I’ve had the box of peach tea for a while, and I don’t mean “months”, it’s been years. I opened the box about a week ago and it is good tea, very good. I’m not keen on fruit-flavored teas because they often do not have much “body”, but this one is a winner.

It is possible that you’re reading this and that you gave me the tea but that it’s been so long that you don’t remember – if you think you gave it to me but aren’t sure – go ahead and take credit…after all the person who did give it to me might not be reading this and so will never know that I said this is very good tea.

This afternoon I brewed the tea in a large mug given to me by a coworker; she was visiting family in Alaska and brought me back an Alaskan-sized mug – actually she brought one mug for Vickie and one for me – pretty nice. The fact that I could fill the mug with water and brew a fine cup of tea says a lot about Wissotzky – most tea bags would not have met the challenge.

As I was enjoying my peach tea it occurred to me that someone had given me the tea and that someone else had given me the mug and that the water came from the ground via a well and pump – I didn’t pay for the water, I didn’t pay for the mug, and I didn’t pay for the tea. There is a lot to be thankful for with this mug of tea.

Speaking of people giving me things, a friend who we had not heard from for quite a while called two or three months ago, she left a voice message with updates but she didn’t leave her phone number. She may have assumed that I was smart enough to save her number on my phone – well, you know about assuming things. If you are the friend how about an email or another phone call? If you are the friend and you are not up for another phone call and don’t have email you can always send us a note along with Wissotzky tea – since I already have peach I’d like to try another flavor.

Yes, I know this post doesn’t seem to be about much, but it is about being thankful for what appears to be a couple of little things, a tea bag and a mug and the people behind them. It is also a little diversion, after all, in a world so messed up a little diversion doesn’t hurt…especially when it is suitable for children.