Monday, February 27, 2017

Bees in the Tree

My friend Carroll was sharing about bees in the tree.

“I grew up about 40 – 60 miles west of Asheville, NC. One day my friends and I were playing out in the soybean fields. It was after harvest and so the fields were bare except for the stubs of stalks sticking out of the ground.  All of a sudden a part of the sky got dark. We looked up and a swarm of bees was coming toward us. It passed over us and settled in a tree.

“When I got home I told my daddy about it. He said, ‘Come on son,’ and we headed over to a neighbor of ours who was a beekeeper. I took my daddy and our neighbor out to the tree where the bees were, and sure enough they were still there. The neighbor had brought along a hive.

“My daddy looked at me and said, ‘Son, climb on up the tree and shake the limbs and those bees will come down.’

“I said, ‘But daddy, those bees will sting me.’

“He said, ‘No son, those bees won’t sting you. Now you go ahead and climb the tree and shake those branches. It will be alright.’

“I climbed the tree, shook the branches, the bees came down to the ground, and then our neighbor found the queen bee and put her in the hive. As soon as he did that all the other bees followed her into the hive. No one was stung.”

I wonder how many times my heavenly Father has told me to climb a tree and I’ve refused due to fear? How many times has my fear been the determining factor in my decisions and actions rather than trust in my Father and Lord Jesus?

What about you?

What trees are there for me to climb today?

What about you?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Three Harrys: Part 6

There is one other remarkable element to the story of Harry’s new employer.

A few weeks ago two friends and I went to visit Harry. When we arrived at his home he wasn’t there so we walked down the street looking for him, thinking that he had no doubt gone for a “walk” in his motorized chair with someone. After a couple of blocks we saw Harry motoring down the street, heading home, with Tom.

Now back to Harry’s employer. When the time was appropriate his company began looking for Harry’s replacement. I don’t know much about the propane industry but I know enough to know that there are many people out there who have experience in the business and I know they live in a variety of regions. I am also pretty sure that in the Mid-Atlantic region there are propane folks who live outside the Richmond area. I am equally certain that of those who live within the Richmond area that they likely live in various localities and subdivisions – in other words, they are spread out and they don’t cluster together in an enclave.

Harry’s company found a man to assume Harry’s position and they hired him – that man is Tom. Tom lives in the same subdivision that Harry lives in and has become a good friend to Harry and Elaine.

Do you think God guided Harry to accept the employment offer that I shared about in previous posts? Do you think God put it on the heart of his employer to continue Harry’s salary? Do you think Harry’s employer hiring Tom was an accident?

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Soup

A grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup rank as comfort food right up there with meatloaf and mashed potatoes - with the benefit of not taking as long to prepare as meatloaf. 

There is nothing like dipping the sandwich in the soup - better than a doughnut and coffee, better than French dip, better than peanuts in Coca Cola. 

Why is there no national Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day? 

Why doesn't the Food Network devote a day to grilled cheese and tomato soup?

Why isn't this served at state dinners in the White House?

Grilled cheese and tomato soup could very well unify our nation, if not the world. I think this is something that those who sow discord do not want us to discover. 

Imagine, people the world over sitting down together and sharing grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. 

It's actually not a bad imagine. Kind of comforting.