Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Family Tree

This is the one tree that I can touch. In one sense this may be the least beautiful tree, but in another sense it is the most beautiful. Many of its ornaments come with a story; many of them have dates on them. A number of the ornaments were given to us, some were hand painted by the person giving them, some were made in Sunday school or youth group.

Every year as Vickie and I trim this tree we reminisce about the years and the people it represents. There's an ornament given to us by a young boy  years ago who will graduate from college next year. Two ornaments painted by a dear friend now living in Florida. Another ornament given by a woman who had a dream to stage Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in our church - the ornament has a painting of Joesph's coat.

We have a Cocker Spaniel  ornament, that's our Chris Ann ornament; she's been gone for a long time and is now waiting in Narnia for us. Then there is a Border Collie ornament, that's our Mitzi ornament, she is also in Narnia - hopefully she's not quite as temperamental these days. We need to find a Darby ornament, that would be a Shepherd-Lab mix; Darby knew both Chris Ann and Mitz, and she knew Lina too; she never met Lilly. Darby is in Narnia.

Yes, the theme trees are certainly pretty, even beautiful, and I do appreciate them. But the family tree...well it actually has a theme too, a theme of relationships. From the first Christmas that Vickie and I shared, to our beloved puppies, to our treasured friends. Sacred relationships are the ornaments of life; a primary relationship with Jesus Christ and treasured relationships with others are what is meant to be the source and substance and adornment of life. Merry Christmas.

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