Monday, December 13, 2010

Trees – The Victorian Tree

This is the Victorian Tree. I don’t know if it is modeled on Queen Victoria or what; maybe this is the way she dressed before Prince Albert died; if I’m not mistaken she wore black after his death…and she kept wearing it.

If you’re expecting a story about me wearing something Victorian that is similar to my Shoe Tree story you’re going to be disappointed; I’ve never worn anything Victorian as far as I know.

I’m tempted to write some heavy observations about the Victorian Era but I think I’ll give you a break because I don’t know that many folks would be interested in it. I will say that if you’ve never explored Victoria and Albert’s marriage that it’s worth the time. Their son, Prince Edward, had a pretty restricted childhood and didn’t become King until well along in life; I wonder if Prince Charles will ever know what it’s like to sit on the throne?

I’m really fighting the temptation to write about the 19th Century, maybe I’ll head over to my Mind on Fire blog and give it a try soon.

Merry Christmas!

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