Wednesday, May 1, 2013

George, Clark, and Red

George Will was back in the country in April. We talked a few times. It’s been years since I’ve seen him, sometime around 1976 or so – he is 80-years old now; still traveling through Europe and sharing the Gospel. He spends about 10 months a year in Europe and has been doing that since around 1970 – that’s a long time, a lot of miles, and no doubt many lives touched for Jesus. I hope I’m still giving to others should I live that long.

Clark Coughlin and I talked this week; Clark lives in CT and is also 80-years old. I’ve known Clark about 13 years. Clark is a “retired” Episcopal priest who mentors pastors from diverse traditions through Vision New England. When we lived in MA Clark and I met for breakfast about once a month – each breakfast lasting from 2 to 3 hours. Now we talk every few weeks, we share and pray and over the years our friendship has grown and our prayers have been answered. I hope I’m still giving to others should I live to be 80. 

Red Madison played croquet with us this past Sunday, Red is 95. His laugh, his humor, his love for people and animals and for Jesus Christ makes it a delight to be with him. I’ve known Red and his family since 2002 and they have been a blessing to Vickie and me and brought joy into our lives. If I live to be 95 I hope people will want to be around me because of the joy I give them.